Model Complaince Checking

Unbiased and Accurate Assessment of your Project Models

A Davis Consulting Model Health Check provides an unbiased and accurate assessment of your project model(s) based upon your deliverables or requirements. We then offer suggestions that can benefit both the project under review, the firm, and future modeling practices

Who Benefits from a Model Health Check

Designers, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Subcontractors and project stakeholders with models and projects will benefit from an Davis Consulting Model Health Check.

What’s included in a Model Health Check

A Davis Consulting Services Specialist receives your project files (models and standards) and reviews them for complience. A comprehensive Model Health Check Report is then prodiced detailing issues that are not in compliance and when applicable recommended issues that should be addressed. The primary benefit of this Model Health Check is to confirm the project model(s) is properly built and well organized, and conforming to your office/project BIM Standards and modeled in the most efficient and effective way.

Model types can include architectural, structural, MEP, and fire protection design and/or subcontractor/trade models. Models maybe from Revit or AutoCAD/AutoCAD vertival applications. During the analysis process, our BIM/VDC Specialist will make recommendations as needed for correcting any concerns he/she may discover. Some topics used to review your models might be Overall Project (main models, linked files, linked/imported non-Revit files, shared coordinates), Shared Parameters, Copy/Monitor Settings, Workset Review, Model Review, Annotation Review and a Review of Views and Sheets.

Model Heakth Check Delverables

  • Offsite technical review of model(s) by Davis Consulting Services staff
  • Offsite GoToMeeting with project team to review Model Health Check findings
  • Model Health Check Report (PDF) findings and any recommended action items


Model Health Checks typically run from $500 to $1000.