COBie Support

What is COBie?

COBie is an acronym for Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie). It is a data format for the publication of a subset of building information focused on delivering building information not geometric modeling. It is closely associated with building information modeling (BIM) approaches to design, construction and managemtn of building assets COBie helps capture and record import project data at the point of origin, including equipment lists, product data sheets, warrantoes, spare part lists, and preventive maintenance schedules. In short, the purpose of COBie is to exchange information that is gathered during the design, construction and commisioning process that can be passed to the facility operator. COBie provides a structure and defines the way the information is structured.

What COBie is NOT

As COBie and the process is new to a lot of people, there is sometimes confusion as to what COBie is. Simple put, COBee is NOT a predefined list of building assets or information that is required. What information about what assets should be collected needs to be determined by facility personal who will maintain and operate the building, not the designers or builders.

What COBie does define is how the infromation is to be strucuted and the minumum data fields that are needed


Our Services

The data collected is essential to support operations, maintenance and asset managemetn once built assets are in service. This data collection process can however be time consuming and potentially prone to errors. At Davis Consulting Services assists in the development of the following to support the COBie process:

  • BIM / Facilities Management (FM) Integrations Strategies and Workflow
  • COBie Deliverable Support and Training
  • COBie Implementation Plans
  • COBie Data Imput Procedures
  • COBie Data Quality Check Procedures
    • Submittal Structure Reporting
    • Submittal Structure Correction
    • Subittal Data Validation
    • COBie data to BIM merging
  • Data Workshop

Our approach to COBie is uniue in many ways. We look for opprtunities to streamline the process without burdening the project stakeholders with additional tasks. Our team has real workd field experience around the globe.