BIM/VDC Management

BIM Project Management

Based upon our years of experience working with owners, subcontractors, designers and genreal contractors, Davis Consulting Services has developed detailed processes and workflows that aid in the management of a model development and model management. When supporting the Model Management Process, Davis COnsulting Services will assist in the setup, cleanup, and maintenance of the Design, Coordination, and Fabrication models, freeing your team to focus on the design and construction aspects of the project.

Davis Consulting Services helps our clients with a complete Firm or
Project Assessment to evaluate a firm’s or project’s ability to switch to BIM workflows/processes. One of our tasks is to assess upcoming projects, the firm’s technical ability to deliver the required documents, the firm’s ability to host the required communications, and staff ability to perform the appropriate calculations with tools available. A written assessment is delivered after interviewing managers, project staff, and after reviewing existing project documentation. The assessment identifies immediate needs, a roadmap for BIM implementation, and production bottlenecks. is fully capable of organizing and running the Coordination phase of a construction project. We already have led modeling and coordination efforts on hundred projects.

In order to further assist, we can assign one or more of our BIM professionals to your design team for the duration of your project. Our BIM professionals will help in your office or in the field, while the rest of the team at ENGworks guides you from our offices.

BIM Coordination

One of the most important goals of the utilization of BIM is the coordination of systems between disciplines, along with efficient and proper installation in the field. Our BIM/VDC Coordination process involves Clash Detection reports, Constructability reviews, virtual and/or personal Coordination meetings with architects, engineers, consultants, construction manager(s) and sub-contractors. During the process of the creation of the project models for all disciplines, Davis Consulting Services performs Clash Detection and generates custom clash issue reports. Our staff works together with all project stakeholders to detect and resolve the design conflicts among construction elements before construction dollars are ever spent.