BIM Manager & BIM Specialist On-Demand Services

On-Site and Online Support

Technology has recently made the exchange of information between different locations much simpler. Coordination Meetings represent an essential process that allows teams to resolve clashes before they are identified in the field. Effective meetings can save (depending on project size) hundreds of thousands of dollars, increasing profitability to all contracting teams. These meetings can be effectively conducted using web-based collaboration tools, saving time and money for all involved. We are able to instruct team leaders in the oversight of Coordination Meetings, or use our expertise to lead the meetings outright.

However, we also believe that for certain endeavors a personal presence is required in order to increase communication, thereby maximizing efficiency. We can provide BIM Coordination Services on-site support by sending our BIM professionals to work at your location for a period of time ranging from a few weeks up to several months, according to the project’s characteristics. Our team of experts will assist coordination between different trades and build support with your team in order to assure a successful project.

In addition, we are able to use supplemental support with our partner RealDesigns as an additional resource for hosting meetings and/or furthering production through our refined online collaboration tools.