Problems with Revit Addins Working on Multiple Machines

Problems with Revit Addins Working on Multiple Machines

For several days I was fighting an issue with a custom Revit Addin that was working on one workstation and but not another. Both machines were running Windows 10 Professional and had the same version and build of Revit. The machine that work was a Mac running Parallels and the other a newer Alienware.

I reimaged the Alienware, reinstalled everything, but I was still having an issue with the custom addin not working. By not working, I mean it appeared that nothing was happening at all.

I then spoke to my #1 Revit resource, Daniel Hurtubise and he suggested it might be a security issue. This led me down another path.

After looking at some of the more obvious potential security issues, I finally took the time to look at the Properties of the .DLL file. I happened to notice at the bottom of the dialog a Security item.

This custom Revit Addin does not have an installed. We are still doing some testing and meant for internal usage for quantity survey work. When we copy the .DLL from one machine to another we have to Unblock the security restriction. I never ran across this before, but now I know.