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Project Information Management and Collaboration Platform

The Digital Exchange Server (DES) allow you to Organize project information for facilitating transparency, an efficient workflow, reliability and accountability on a project. It allows for a Reliable creation of current Federated Models at moments notice. It provide a Source of Truth of all relevant project information.

DES transforms project information management by integrating, data, people and processes throughout the project lifecycle in a easy to use platform.

The benefits of the DES are:

  • Access and management of project files from wherever you have an internet connection
  • Internal and external project stakeholders can be integrated into the project within minutes
  • Safe and secure (certificated and encryption)
  • Audit trail of ALL activities

The effects of usage of the DES are:

  • Trust in the coordination effort by providing clarity about the latest versions and sources of authoritative documents
  • Elimination of use of outdated background information in detailing process
  • Automatic documentation of design changes and ripple effects in coordination effort
  • Minimal time for onboarding new project members

Organize Your Data

Organize project information for facilitating transparency, an efficient workflow, reliability and accountability on a project

Easy Model Federation

Reliable creation of current Federated Models at a moments notice

Single Source for Project Data

Provide a Source of Truth of all relevant project information

The DES enables EVERYONE to work TOGETHER wherever they are.

With the Digital Exchange Server (DES), all of your team’s files are stored securely in the cloud, so all project stakeholders can access, edit, comment and share files.

Collaborate Easily with Anyone, Anywhere

Controlled File Management

  • Version Control
  • File Name Enforcement
  • Workflow Control
  • Audit Trail
  • Filtering Functionality
  • Approval and Status Control
  • BIM File Management
  • Capability to Handle Large Files (>1 GB)

Share, send any size file on any device

Whether you’re in the office or on the go, you’ll have secure access to your files anywhere, any time.

Know your files are always safe.

Bank-level encryption protects your files, emails and attachments in transit and at rest.

Get help from real people, any time.

24/7 U.S.-based support, unlimited live training sessions and white glove onboarding for you and your clients.

Collaborate in real time with your internal team members, external team members, clients and project stakeholders

Simplicity. A web-browser can be used to access the file repository of the project and allow the project participants to collaborate effectively and efficiently with no setup or training costs.

Reliability. The server should be a reliable and trusted platform for file transfers and processing and archival of project information.

Transparency. Based on the premise that transparency fosters trust and efficient collaboration no files or folders are hidden from any project-users. All activities by users are archived and an audit trail is established.

Structure. The data on the server is organized and structured in a way that it facilitates efficient execution of BIM related project management tasks. Update and access rights can me managed efficiently on a general or granular level.

Fast pace collaboration. With the server’s SyncClient project collaborators can update files among the team at the push of a button and ensure that all team members work off the same updated files and documents.

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