The b.i.m.m. Tool Manager

The b.i.m.m. Tool Manager is the central administration tool for the b.i.m.m. Tools. The easy-to-use Windows program installs and updates the b.i.m.m tools, and uninstalls them if necessary. It also shows you when Autodesk Revit is started, whether new tools are available or updated.


 b.i.m.m Toolmanager 64 Bit

 b.i.m.m Toolmanager 32 Bit

Further information:

The b.i.m.m. Tool Manager is easy to install, but you need administrator privileges
All b.i.m.m tools are installed and managed centrally via the b.i.m.m. TOOL MANAGER.
To load the b.i.m.m. tools via the Tool Manager, you need an existing Internet connection
All Autodesk Revit platforms are supported.
All b.i.m.m tools run on 32-bit and 64-bit systems.
Supported Revit versions: 2014 to 2017

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